Barbara Strange

I am a textile artist whose passion is abstraction.

The work on this blog charts my artistic journey throughout my course on the FdA Stitched Textiles at Eastleigh College 2011-2014.

Throughout my course I have been challenged to investigate the application of 2D drawing and research findings into the creation of narrative stitched textile production. This has enabled me to develop my ability to think creatively and to realise my ideas from the representational to the abstract.

The work represented here shows my engagement with wider social issues as shown in the creation of the Bogagi Wrapped Box and by the ethereal masked group which have been shown in exhibition at Eastleigh during end of year shows.

The collograph shown is the beginning of results of collaborative work with a fine artist which began in summer 2013 and has involved undertaking courses and workshops with artists chosen because of their individual involvement with their local areas which are central to their own bodies of work.

I find the blog useful to organise and chart my findings and developments over the years of study and shall use this into my professional life on graduation.

My development has been supported throughout my studies and shall influence my working in the future. I thank the staff of the course for their input, in particular Susan Chapman, Course Leader.


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